Transforming the earth into a crypto valhalla.

Enforce crypto adoption

Hetonet is aiming to enforce and promote crypto addoption though HetoPay! Allowing anyone from anywhere to accept cryptocurrencies in their store or business.

Send crypto to the moon

By integrating crypto and blockchain into our daily lives, we essentially send crypto prices skyrocketing since everyone is using it as a utility.

Reward users in crypto

Users are rewarded in crypto and various other methods for using our utilities such as, HetoPay, HetoGames, HetoLife, HetoPhone & More.

Our goal at Hetonet has always been to provide, protect and build our ecosystem for generations to come! Hetonet provides individuals a decentralized way of living, rewards, yields and more!

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Decentralizing everything

Join the movement

Changing the world with today's technology!​

1. Providing

Hetonet provides a better way of living, allowing more room for personal & global growth.

2. Changing

With the utilities that we are providing, we'll be able to change the lives and futures of others.

3. Maintaining

By constantly maintaining and improving our ecosystem, it allows us to completely transform and dominate the crypto industry!

Benefits for everybody

With great power comes great responsibility! At Hetonet, we don't hoard success; we actively donate to charity, support startups, and contribute to combating climate change. This commitment sets us apart from others!

Special transactions

In our ecosystem, special transactions operate like regular ones but allocate a percentage of the fee to holders, users, charity, and more, without affecting the end user's experience.

Future proof with HetoPhone

Our smartphone is designed to be future-proof and usable for everyone. It incorporates blockchain technology, is fast, affordable, and easy to use. This is only the beginning of what's coming into the crypto space.

Providing global education

Our ecosystem is not only focused on crypto. Actually, our first priority is helping others improve their future. We will bring worldwide education taught by the best minds for free. Revolutionizing earth starts with education!