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Our plans for 2024
The Roadmap

Stage One

Website Upgrade

Marketing Campaign

50 Holders

Token Burn Event

5+ Coin Tracker Listings

Stage Two

100 Holders

More Coin Tracker Listings

Discord Event

HETO Giveaway

150 Holders

Stage Three

250 Holders

Staking Dapp

Small CEX Listing

Coingecko Listing

Charity Donation

Coinmarketcap Listing

Stage Four

500 Holders

Monthly Burns

Community AMA

2025 Strategy Reveal

Payment Gateway Launch Reveal

Total Supply: 1.2 Billion
Token Distribution

The Heto details

Buy Tax

2% Liquidity

1% Marketing

1% Developer

1% Holders

1% Burn

Sell Tax

1% Liquidity

1% Marketing


1.2 Billion Tokens

Ticker: Heto


Floor price: $0.0⁴48

Liquidity safe

Rest assured, our project is committed to safeguarding against rug pulls and sudden market downturns. Our liquidity is securely managed, and our team holds reasonable amounts of tokens. Feel free to verify this claim yourself:

LP burned

We burned 100% of the LP tokens, making our ecosystem safer!

25% Locked

25% of the total supply is locked for 4 years. #Bullish

Dev Holdings

The team only holds a minor 8% of the total supply.

This is our contract address!

0x2a7296ffadc3ac137a3e7fecd474a1ed88319a24 Copy
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