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The all in one ecosystem that makes crypto useable.

What is Hetonet?

Using crypto has never been this easy before, and the usecases are endless.

Heto token

Earn high yields & rewards simply, by holding or staking heto tokens.

The strategy

Our global partnerships with the biggest brands are making the impossible possible.

The future

Global challenges end today! Our ecosystem & utilities make the earth sustainable & future proof.

Hetonet is everywhere

Start using our ecosystem and benefit from exclusive rewards & more. Become part of the global revolution in crypto.

150+ countries


Why Hetonet?

Not only do we offer more affordable payments compared to banks, but our 1500 utilities transform the earth into its purest form. From HetoPay, HetoGames, and HetoAi to funding other projects and startups, our ecosystem has it all.









We are bigger

With more than 1500 utilities, Hetonet is at the forefront of innovation.

We are cleaner

We prioritize minimizing our ecological impact and support environmental organizations.

We are loving

By using Hetonet, you contribute to supporting those in need without even realizing it.

Join the movement

We are evolving faster than you think




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Integrating our lives with blockchain

"Hetonet is integrating blockchain into everything, from payments to games, smartphones, and everything we use in our daily lives. Not only do we solve all problems with today's technology, but we also make our activities more enjoyable at the same time."

Crypto for global payments

"Our ecosystem can be used anywhere around the globe, allowing anyone from any background to change their lives and build their future with Hetonet."

The possibilities are endless


Bitcoin was created to be the currency of the people, we are currently using it as a form of investment. Hetonet will change this.


Introducing HetoPhone, a smart device integrated with blockchain tech, it's more durable, secure, and future-proof.


We are creating games that have never been seen before, integrated with blockchain, Play-to-Earn (P2E), and Play-to-Live (P2L). Ranging from shooters, open-world, survival, and more.


An all-in-one app containing everything a human needs: education, crypto, health & sports, socials, messaging, and more. Introducing HetoLife.

Artificial Intelligence

Ranging from physical robots that will replace human jobs, chatbots with real-time data, smart bots that can be integrated with all types of devices to automate daily activities.

1495 More

Funding startups, Hetonet Charitable foundations, Heto wallets & hardware wallets, The Heto clothing brand, Smartphone crypto miners, Free education centers & more. Hetonet has it all!

Development has begun

We recently initiated development for Hetopay, and these changes are set to skyrocket our project in the near future.

Become a partner

Become part of the revolution by partnering with Hetonet; partners play a crucial role in our ecosystem and frequently receive rewards.

Hetonet is here to stay

Our presence is here and isn't going anywhere but up! Hetonet is building a rapidly evolving ecosystem that plays a crucial role in our society.

Exclusive rewards

Heto token holders will receive a 5% yield over each transaction that is performed, starting from MAR 10 until APR 8. Eid Mubarak!


We are building the future with top-tier smartphones; these will be integrated with blockchain.


Scalable payments for global usage, lets give the power back to our people.


Artificial intelligence applications and physical robots that will make our daily lives easier.


Fun and realistic games ranging from RPG, shooter, and open worlds. Integrated with crypto and blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hetonet?

We are the leading ecosystem in blockchain and big tech, with Hetopay, games, AI, Hetophone, hardware & more. Hetonet utilizes crypto where it was created for, currency of the people!

What makes Hetonet stand out in the tech and innovation landscape?

Hetonet will do what all other projects are promising to do. Not only that, we are building our own ever-growing ecosystem that enhances our daily lives by tenfolds. No promises will be left empty by Hetonet.

How does Hetopay revolutionize cryptocurrency payments and transactions?

Crypto is currently being used as a form of investment; however, this is not what it was created for by Satoshi Nakamoto. Hetonet makes crypto payments very simple and secure for the end user. Not only is crypto cheaper than banks and credit cards, but it's also much safer.

Can you provide insights into the gaming experience offered by Hetonet's RPGs, shooters, and open-world games?

The games that currently circulate inside the crypto ecosystem are nothing compared to big titles like the COD or GTA franchise. Hetonet is aiming to become the biggest gaming developer that utilizes crypto and blockchain technology integrations. Think of Shooter, RPG, open worlds, Strategic & many more categories where crypto and blockchain play a crucial role.

How secure and user-friendly is Hetowallet for storing and staking Heto tokens?

Because Hetowallet is made for a single asset called Heto, we can aim our focus on security and providing a user-friendly experience for holders and stakers. You can store Heto on both digital wallets and hardware wallets, making it extra secure.

What role does AI play in Hetonet, and how does it enhance everyday tasks and job automation?

AI can play a crucial role in our society, as it solves major problems like job shortages, lack of efficiency, precision, scalability, and much more. Hetonet is aiming to be the frontrunner when it comes to job automation by AI. We will partner with major brands and companies to realize our goals.

What are the unique security features and benefits of Hetophone, the blockchain-integrated smartphone?

Hetophones are aiming to be more durable, cost-saving, and have a longer lifespan. They have a futuristic design with top-notch security and, last but not least, integrated crypto features like staking, mining, transactionless payments, and much more.

In what ways does Hetolife streamline daily activities and improve lifestyle through its multifunctional app?

Hetolife is designed by the smartest minds on this planet. It addresses a lot of problems like data mining and advertisements. Hetolife is a mobile app that integrates all essential necessities into one app, like payments, social media, health, browsing, and basically all other apps that you currently use on your smartphone will be inside Hetolife.